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by The Princes

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great scott! it’s eight o’clock / that’s how it starts / turn on my TV / my coffee tastes just fine / my show begins tonight / theater awaits for me / fame and glory / falling down on me ooh... I want to be famous / my time is yet to come dressed up, last make­up / now I’d like to rock / my cape is golden / but where’s my crown / take a time, now it is the time / curtain falling down / this is my stage / and I want the world to know ooh... I want to be famous / my time is yet to come I wanna fly high! so high / falling down makes me look like a fool / I’m a man with big hopes and it’s true I want the world to know / curtain falling down / I want the world to know / I can’t wait no longer / it makes me stronger / time is yet to come / best is yet to come
eyes, these eyes, so lovely eyes / that’s fine! feels like I’m crushed / I don’t trust myself at all / in my mind, all dirty thoughts / I'm crushed! I love what I see / it’s making me feel... / it makes me feel! legs, long legs, so sexy legs / round ass, it turns me on / chastise me, as I’m your slave / I want more! one hit by... / turns me on! I love what I see / it’s making me feel... / it makes me believe / touch! the power of touch / I'm not afraid anymore / ’cause I am who I am I feel that my feelings are clear / and I’m ready for coming out / out of the closet / where I’ve been so long time / but now I’m ready / to show everyone
just arrived to this old town / doesn't seem to be much to do around / except for shooting your way into fame / or getting yourself put into a wooden frame / pick your side, but trust no one / hold your temper, but keep your gun / gold is heavy, but so is the sky / everybody knows a man can't fly but there's something I see / she's something else / I think I just fell / what I see / what I smell / what I feel / I'm out of this hell / and walking on high heels I heard a shot and felt the squeeze / a bullet came and pierced both of my knees / I looked at her, she showed no fear / her eyes were plain, I felt my end was coming near / another one went through my heart / she walked away and let my journey start / now all my friends are by my side / I'm warm and safe inside / I'm walking on high heels
it's almost like today / it happened yesterday / was it yesterday? / no! it’s from it far away / twelve years ago / I felt alone / perished all my dreams / and you just walked away all that time I’ve been a thoughtful man / reflecting what went wrong / all that time I tried to understand / what occurred... what for fly away, far away! now you want some more / forgot what you have done? / so I’ve had enough / now it’s payback time / every crown I paid / earned with sweat and pain / twelve years a fear / to lose what’s precious to me I’ve cried all those years / tried to realize, is that destiny / I’ve lied to all my friends / that my life is divine fly away, far away! go away! stay away! fly away from me / don’t talk to me no more / don’t call me no more / ’cause you don’t exist anymore fly away, far away!
Rat Race 04:15
I believe in the race / though I don't know why / get caught in the chase / it's happening all the time / we are placing the bets / we're doing it once again / we are playing the game / to whatever end day by day / the wheels are turning / and engines burning / we rock around the clock / don't know how to stop / who'll be the first / to pass the speed of light / to win the endless fight / we rock around the clock / don't know how to stop I believe in the game / though I don't know why / get caught in the maze / it's amazing me every time / we are signing the deal / we're making it up, my friends / we are rolling the dice / holding our breath again I believe in the truth / though I don't know why / the fountain of youth / has got to be in my mind / we are spotting these trails / but they seem too faint to use / we are on the fast lane / and there is no time to lose / there is no time for you to lose / there is no mind for you to choose
turbid days, trembling hands / pain inside, exhausted mind / stolen dreams, broken hearts / remove the mask that has been stuck / feels like I’m a jumping jack / a clown to everyone / pretense... it went so well / now I don’t know what to tell stars! falling stars / stars! wish I could be a star / stars! falling stars / stars! wish I could fly with stars all the time open doors / walk away! why is it hard? / be brave, make a wish / take a risk, change your life / deep inside of me / is someone who regrets / a beast I used to be / now it has to end
Tears of God 02:02
those times you made us laugh / those times you made us cry / you’re gone / it’s past cold hands and tears of god / so calm all has become / you left to a better place heaven kingdom awaits you there / this poem ends here / memories that never die / forever lasts your smile / tears don’t lie
I don’t want to see what my eyes have to see / I don’t want to feel what my soul has to feel / bullet in his gun, trigger ready for fun / anger rises up in his head / I pray, I wait, I wish you could change you can stop this war / you know it’s not too late / you can stop this war now! / oh god! we see only rage I don’t want to hear what my ears have to hear / I don’t want to fear that which chases me again / watch these people escape! / I pray, I wait, I wish you could change one by one they fall / legs can’t carry on anymore / face touching mud on the ground / lifetime memories will be gone / it’s not right to die this way / my dream is to see another day / they run for their lives / just listen! how they cry
Money 03:00
black gold and dirty diamonds / bad drugs and sexy ladies / champagne with caviar / I just can’t get enough / money makes the world go round! black suits, white shoes, we choose these / fine cars, great booze, we love it / rolls royce from the '34 / and I just can’t get enough / money makes the world go round! sunrays shining through the clouds / life can be so beautiful / wonderful like a painted sky / I just can’t get enough! what makes the world go? / money makes the world go round!
Last Sunrise 04:48
dragging our feet on the ground / not many places where our footsteps can't be found / filling the space around us with sound / killing all that lives like a bloodhound we're taking over / as leaders / but you can have it back / after we have used it / abused it / excuse me / for getting what is right for us / we're not afraid to lose it burning down everything we don't need / changing the background 'cause we like what we see / the place we grew up in with lakes, hills and trees / is now only measured as currency destroyed the stability / afraid to take responsibility / tomorrow we'll see the last sunrise / crime! but it was none of us / messed up the place freely given to us / tomorrow we'll see the last sunrise / world! now so hazardous / jeopardizes our happiness / tomorrow we'll see the last sunrise / mother nature is furious / either way she will outlive all of us / tomorrow we'll see...
Colors 05:00
I see a door, a purple door / now I’m through and I see / I am in wonderland / is it dream or is it real? / I’m walking on a yellow path / and singing flowers will show me / what is the golden day / so beautiful they are I’m slightly mad, slightly bad / still I don’t know where I am so wonderful, red, green, and blue / the dog is blue / oh dear, it’s nonsense / advice I got from a talking cat / I don’t believe my eyes / but it's true I see different types of colors / everywhere there are colors


The music of The Princes contains elements of progressive and psychedelic rock as well as influences from blues, metal and funk. Operatic vocal drama is backed up by orchestral sounds and multiple layers of keyboards.


released November 3, 2015

Edward Krimm – vocals, keyboards
Jaagup Tormis – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Valdur Viiklepp – bass guitar, backing vocals
Kaur Garšnek – guitar

Mix: Joonas Murand (Heliruum studio)
Master: Siim Mäesalu (Sonicmedia studio)
Photo & cover design: Heikki Leis
Design: Mauno Meesit (Brandon Design)

Big thanks to all our friends and supporters!



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The Princes Tallinn, Estonia

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